ASME B18.21.1 Helical Spring-Lock Washers

Inch Series Spring Lock Washers, including regular type, heavy type, extra duty and high-collar type. Its made of spring steels, 65Mn or #70 steels or stainless steels. Intended for general applictions, spring lock washers compensate for developed looseness between component parts of an assembly, distrbute the load over a larger area for some head styles, and provide a hardend bearing surface. The steel spring lock washers could be in zinc coated, yellow zinc coated, hot dipper galvanized and black oxide.

ASME B18.21.1 Standard Specifications Check List

Regular type spring-lock washers

Extra-duty helical spring lock washers

High Collar helical spring lock washers

Heavy type helical spring lock washers

Common Used Materials & Hardness

Carbon Steel, 38 to 46 HRC (372 to 458 HV)

Stainless Steel, 35 to 43 HRC (345 to 423 HV)

Aluminium Alloy, 75 to 97 HRB (137 to 222 HV)

Phosphor Bronze, Min 90 HRB (185 HV Min.)

Silicon Bronze, Min 90 HRB (185 HV Min.)

Nickel-Copper-Alu, 33 to 40 HRC (327 to 392HV)

Alloy Steel, 38 to 46 HRC (372 to 458 HV)

Regular Supply Specifications (Nominal Sizes):

1/8" up to 2" (inch)